Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enter this Polish Tornado Sized Shit Storm

Recently beer has struck a cord with me. It's something that I've had some trouble putting in terms neither myself or you would understand. This is quite possibly just another hobby/wanna be career that will get old when I find out I'm god awful at it e.g. rapping. How ever honest that maybe, this certainly feels different. I am reading, obsessing, going bat shit crazy, and drinking myself into an Amy Winehouse like condition. I recently started a batch of water mixed with barley, hops, and yeast. I am hoping that I some how turned this shit into beer. I am afraid my Polish intellect may of either infected or good ole' fashion fucked up my first child. Here I will poorly attempt to write and describe the process. I will speak of my concerns, what I may of done wrong, and what I will do differently. Even if I know only two or three friends will read this, it feels worth recording. Like it, love it, fuck it.

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